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The ExpoFest Scoring system is based on the IASF Comparative Scoring system (ICU Comparative Scoring system for Scholastic teams) and the Cheer Canada Scoring System. Some COVID-19 adjustments have been made which are explained further below. 





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Information and COVID-19 Scoring Adjustments:


ExpoFest has been closely monitoring restrictions in regions around the world with respect to COVID-19 and has made adjustments to our scoring in order to foster a fair, all-inclusive and competitive series. Here are some of the restrictions placed on different regions (and their reasonings) which affect scoring categories for this season:


  • In many regions, stunting is not permitted due to lack of social distancing required for stunting. In order to allow programs to still have a competitive season we have created “Non-Stunt” divisions. For these divisions the building score sheet will not be scored. Also, “partner work” will not be a scoring factor in dance. 

  • In many regions, pyramids are not permitted even when stunting is permitted. In most areas where stunting has been permitted it is limited to a single stunt group which must stay consistent and not make contact with other groups. Therefore, the stunt category will be labelled “building” and will include all building skills including stunts, pyramids and tosses rather than having these sections separated (see reasoning for tosses below). Judges will consider the difficulty and the execution of the skills performed only. 

  • In some regions, tosses have been restricted even when stunting is permitted. The face-to-face proximity of the bases during the impact of the catch could increase the potential for forceful exhalation in very close proximity. 

  • In many regions, masks are required. Therefore, facial expressions will not be considered in the scoring process for any divisions.

  • In many regions, cheers and chants have been deemed “high risk” and are therefore not permitted. Reasoning: More forceful speaking/yelling/projection of voice could increase the amount and distance travelled of airborne particles being exhaled. Therefore, cheers are not required or scored as separate categories in any divisions (school or allstar). EXCEPTION – Global Club and Allstar Non-Stunt + Cheer division. Teams who choose either of these divisions must ensure that it is permissible in their region or select a different division. 

  • School teams who are permitted and who choose to do a cheer will have the components of cheer considered and scored in the other categories of the score sheet (formations, transitions, motions, overall routine impression, etc). Score sheets have been adjusted to allow all school teams to use the same sheet (elementary, secondary, collegiate) to allow for more consistent scoring. 

  • In some other regions, cheers and chants are considered “less likely for transmission” than stunting. For those regions we have an Allstar Non-Stunt + Cheer division for each age category. To avoid further splitting of divisions, this division will score tumbling execution only (no tumbling difficulty) and all levels of the same age group will compete against each other. 


Initially we kept the “regular” score sheets the same and created a different set of Non-Stunt Score Sheets for all divisions. This would allow teams who have focused on non-building skills only to be rewarded for their efforts and help in avoiding ties due to small categories. 


However, after careful consideration, we felt it best to adjust the regular score sheet slightly so that non-stunt divisions could simply remove the building sheet. This will allow more consistency in scoring and allow teams to create a routine (with or without stunts) that does not have to change last minute to accommodate a changing score sheet.  For this reason (and to encourage score separation and avoid ties) some categories (jumps, dance, etc.) are valued a little higher than the traditional IASF / Cheer Canada score sheet for the corresponding division. 



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