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If we reserve spots now, are we “locked in”? 

No. Your payment will be due a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your first event. If you do not register and pay by the deadline you will simply be taken off the list for all of the events you reserved. No hassle.   

Can we register for each event individually? 

Yes. However, it will cost a little extra. Here is how the pricing works out: 

  • Any 1 event (except Road to the Ring) - $450 per team (plus tax)

  • BUNDLE 2: Any 2 events (except Road to the Ring) - $850 per team (plus tax)

  • BUNDLE 3: Any 3 events (except Road to the Ring) - $1250 per team (plus tax)

  • BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK - BUNDLE 4: All 4 events - $1500 plus GST per team (plus May 1/2 Finale for FREE!)


ROAD TO THE RING Finale is open only to athletes that competed in all 4 events. There is no separate registration for this event. Any team who registers for all 4 events will automatically be registered for the May 1/2 Finale FOR FREE! That’s 5 events for $1500 per team!

Can we register for the first one and then, if we like it, decide to do the full series?

Potentially, yes, if we have space available. However, it will cost more. As none of us can see the future this series is essentially designed to secure a full season of competitive experience for gyms so we expect that most registrants will opt to insure that for their clients and families.

Why can we not just register for the "Road To The Ring" Finale separately? 

The Finale is essentially our “athlete gift” for those who commit and register for all 4 events. 

How will videos be judged? 

Videos will be judged based on what the judges can see. Anything outside of the frame will not be considered. Videos must be one fluid run and unedited. More information on how to create your videos will be provided to registrants. We will score using the Cheer Canada scoring system and IASF rules as per Cheer Canada (with the exception of our non-stunt score sheets which are our own in-house design).

Can we charge parents for watching the performance in our gym when we are recording? 

If social distancing protocols allow for it…GO FOR IT!!! Have a video night showcase once per month if you want.

What if one of the event dates conflict with one of our live events? 

It would be impossible for us to create a series schedule without conflicting with other scheduled events somewhere in Canada. However, since you don’t need to be physically present for our virtual series events…you can do both!

We want to participate in all 5 events but what if we don’t feel we will have routines ready in November? 

We expect that most teams will be in that situation this season. Send what you have. There is no minimum time limit for routines. Also, our innovative Non-Stunt divisions will allow teams to focus on jumps, dance & tumbling…and cheer if you choose. Remember, you can change your division as the season progresses.

Why is there no event in January?

Originally it was intended to have an event in January as well. However, many provinces’ plans seem to reference the end of the year as a gauge point for changes which may include allowing contact sport teams (stunting!) to operate (if it hasn’t happened sooner and provided measures do not backtrack). With Christmas break and the fact that we need videos between 10-14 days prior to the event we decided that allowing more time for adjustments was prudent after the new year.

If all teams register for all 5 events does that mean our teams will be competing against the same teams for every event?

Teams will be able to change divisions throughout the season as they progress and safety measures change. We expect that there will be a lot of adjusting of divisions this season as COVID-19 measures are lessened or tightened in different regions simultaneously. For example: A team which starts off as non-stunt & non tumble team in November may be a non-stunt level 5 team in December if they can now tumble without concern for many people touching the mat. In February they may switch to Level 2 as they begin to stunt and could progress to Level 4 by April. Conversely, if safety measures are tightened in a province, we could see teams go from Level 3 down to Non-Stunt, etc. Every team could potentially go through several switch ups this year. This series will allow you the flexibility to adapt as necessary.

Can Worlds Teams compete in the “Finale”?

YES! Worlds teams can participate in the full series including the Finale. The Finale is an “end-of-season” event however, it is not multi-brand which allows Worlds Teams full participation without breaking any Worlds rules.  

The Championship Series runs ½ year prep teams…could we change the team members for the February event if we have a new intake in January? 

Yes! You are paying for the team, not the individual athletes. 

How will “proof of age” be addressed?

Unless undeniable evidence is presented, it cannot be addressed. This series is being offered to keep gym doors open and provide some certainty. It is our hope and belief that programs would use this opportunity to support their program and use their actual teams that they plan to take to physical events where such things could be more readily be verified. Please use integrity and follow Cheer Canada age grid and guidelines. Remember the goal of all of this is to help each other so the cheer industry remains intact. 

Why are you asking for us to save our spots now? 

To assess interest in the event. We know you may start late and have less money coming in the door this year due to the state of the economy. There is no time for “super early bird’; “early bird”,” standard rate” and “late fees”. We pushed the registration deadline as close to the events as possible to allow you more time. However, investments need to be made in advance (awards design, video production design, virtual scoring system creation, ordering awards, recruitment of judges, etc.) in order for this all to work so if there is no interest in this series, we need to know sooner rather than later. 


Secondly, we recognise that if there is a lot of demand, we cannot take everyone. The event will run on EST as when we did our assessment the vast majority of Canadian teams are on that time zone. However, we cannot play videos at 2am. We will endeavor to do our best to accommodate all Canadian teams from every time zone to be able to watch at a reasonable time during their time zone. From that respect, we cannot take everyone so spots will be filled on a first-reserved-first-served basis until it is full. 

It says that if an event is cancelled that the registration fee would be 100% refundable. How does that work if we book a the full series?

The total amount paid would be divided by the number of events you registered for to determine the amount of the refund. If you book the full series you are essentially paying $300 per team per event (5 events). If one of the events are cancelled you would be refunded $300. If you only registered for 1 event, you would be refunded for the price you paid. 


Once we register and pay for the Bundle 4…can we back out an get a refund if physical events are full up and running without fear of event cancelations? No. Just like the clients in your gym, once you commit you are committed. That allows us to keep our commitment to run all of these events for everyone. If New Brunswick is up and running without fear but Quebec and Alberta are not, we need to ensure that we have the budget to still run the event for everyone. If physical events are happening without a hitch then this just becomes an addition (and backup) to your season. We’re all in this together. 

Will scoring be done live or in advance? 

The scoring will be done a few days in advance to allow judges to still schedule and attend the events of other event producers. Scoring in advance will also allow us time to produce virtual awards ceremonies appropriately and present them at the end of divisions during the virtual event.

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